3-day ice fishing trip at Volsjøen

Day 1:

We start from the car parking at Dalset 5 km south of Elgå. We will start early to make the most of the day. It is 3,5 km from Dalset up to Volsjøen where we will spend the days. There are ski trails all along the way, with a good climb. We take our time with breaks along the way. It is possible to borrow snowshoes if you are more comfortable with that. Well up we install and light up the bonfire in the lavvo. Maybe it`s good with a little something to eat as well. And then, of course, the fish must be tried caught. Information about the area and ice fishing is provided before we move on to the ice. Holes needs to be drilled in the ice and we get a good session before it`s time for food again and we calm down; It`s time for relaxing and joking in the lavvo.

Day 2:

We get up early for a good lunch before we will test “mårråsbettet”. The fish is usually active early in the day, which we will take advantage of. Perhaps we must try in several places on the lake to find out where the fish is. Most of the day is used for ice fishing on Volsjøen. There are also other waters that can be tested. If you are interested we will take a ski trip up the mountains to have a look at the view. Lunch is consumed inside or outside depending on the weather, we light a fire and enjoy warm food. For dinner there may be self- fished, otherwise we will arrange something else. After a day outside we will enjoy the evening in a good and warm lavvo.

Day 3:

To exploit the fishing we get up early today too. A good breakfast is consumed indoors before we go out fishing again. We have a good time try the fish, before we have lunch, pack our things in the lavvo and return to the car. The trip down from Volsjøen goes relatively fast and we are down at the cars for a return home by the middle of the day.

Time: 3 days, 2 nights

Season: Depends on the sea ice, around 1stof January to 15thof april

Price: 4500,-

Included: Accomodation, all food, fishing gear, snowshoes if necessary and a guide