A taste of dog sledding

Join us on a trip with our high-spirited huskies. We welcome you to our farm in Elgå where we will provide you with brief training on how to drive a dog sled. We will then go into the dog kennels where our high-spirited Alaskan huskies will be waiting for you. We will select and harness those dogs which will be going on the trip. You can participate in as many of the preparations as you like, and you will receive help as you go along.

Once everything is ready we will release the brakes and speed off into the forest. We will be surrounded by peace and tranquility and we will be able to enjoy the power and enthusiasm of the dogs. We will take a round trip for about 2 km and then return to the dog kennels. At the end of the trip our dogs will receive some well-deserved food before we remove their harnesses and put them back in place.

Time: As requested, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Please contact us if you have any other requests.

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Price: NOK 550 per person

Season: When conditions permit, normally from the middle of January to the middle of April.

Included:Dog sledding, coffee/tea with something on the side.