About us

Ola Engerbakk (born 1978)

I was born and raised in the municipality of Trysil. I have been actively engaged in sporting activities all my life. Skiing, dog sledding and the great outdoors have all been important aspects of my upbringing. I also used sled dogs as hiking and hunting dogs and they accompanied me into Trysil’s deep forests and beautiful mountains. I gradually started to expand my horizons and became enticed by the mystical lure of Femundsmarka, I currently work as a teacher at Engerdal primary and secondary school and I dream of being able to make a living out in the wild.

In addition to spending 4 years at teacher training college, I have 10 credits in outdoor life studies. I have also studied Experience Design and Entrepreneurial Education.

I am the Managing Director and joint owner of AS-et.

Katrine Røsten (born 1976)

I was born and raised in Elgå. More than anything else I have always loved being outdoors. After attending 6th form college, I spent an enjoyable year at the vocational college in Alta where I learnt an amazing amount about dog sledding, dog psychology and the great outdoors on the Finnmark Mountain Plateau.

I am a qualified pre-school teacher and I have additional college qualifications which entitle me to teach the first 4 years of primary school. I currently have a permanent teaching job at Engerdal primary and secondary school.

I am passionate about dog sledding, which is my main hobby. This dates back to the time when, as a young girl and to my father’s great consternation, I attached our family elkhound to skis and a kicksled and went for a ride. Gradually, more or less according to plan, I filled our kennels with huskies. Well, I have tried to stop, but it hasn’t worked!

I have always been fascinated by the interplay which exists between humans and dogs. How we communicate, how to achieve basic trust and how to read a dog’s body language, etc.

I love Elgå, my home village. This is where I want to live. It is a great safe place for our children to grow up. It is my dream that Femund Friluft will enable us to achieve a productive everyday life filled with great adventures, mastering skills, hope for the future and warmth, in the company of other people.

I am a team member, and sometimes a self-appointed “nag”, at Femund Friluft.

Joint owner of AS-et.

Ayla Engerbakk (born 2010)

I was born and raised in Elgå. A ray of sunshine, a happy soul with a positive attitude, loves fooling around and drawing. Loves nature and being out in the woods and fields, in all seasons. Active skier, loves cycling and playing football for Engerdal Micro. Loves all animals, both domestic and wild, and is happy to help out in the dog kennels. Loves strawberries, singing and dancing.

Radiates joy and helps to keep things in order at the farm.

Robin Røsten Øyen (born 1999)

Born and raised mainly in Elgå, but also spends time with his father in Koppang. Robin has completed two years at 6th form college, the second year being spent at Solør 6th form college.

Robin is interested in anything that produces some kind of growling sound. Ever since he was small he liked taking apart all sorts of gadgets containing screws and buttons. Fortunately over the course of the years he has also acquired an excellent ability to put them together again properly.

Robin has been involved in going on trips ever since he was very young and he has always loved being out in nature. He is a keen recreational boat fisherman and is also interested in hunting.

Robin contributes us whenever possible.

Kamilla Engerbakk (born 2014)

I was born and raised in Elgå. Energetic, rarely sits still, loves the outdoor life and has many projects on the go. Is happy to help with feeding and looking after the dogs and pigs.

Kamilla is probably our entertainment alibi at Femund Friluft. She can compose her own songs and declarations of love without hesitation and makes up great stories.