Ladies on the ice

Join us on a girls trip deep into Femundsmarka and experience the magic in the mountains during winter.

We will bring you through woods, over mountains and we will cross the ice of many waters. Well ahead you shall live in a simple fishing cottage with fishing traditions from the good old days. Here you can relax and enjoy the beautiful circumstances and really feel the peace. You can try out icefishing and if you are lucky, you might experience many exciting experiences out on the ice and the chances of catching a trout or an Arctic char of very high quality. During the entire stay you will be served homemade and mostly locally produced food. What will be on the menu we will decide together as a group before we leave.

The trip will be during the weekend, the departure from Elgå will be in the middle of the day on Friday and the return will be in the middle of the day on Sunday. During the entire stay the guide will be there and attend to shuttle, cooking, dishes, cleaning, guiding to good and wished experiences, easy introduction in outdoor life during the winter if requested.

The trip requires medium skiing skills and good clothing that makes it defensible to travel in the mountains in Norway during the winter in all kind of weather.

Time: 2.-4. March or 16.-18. March

Duration: 3 days Price: 5750-, per person, maximum 4 people (women)

Included in the price: Snow mobile transport, parking, practical benefit, guiding and information during the entire stay, loan of jig stick, every meal and drinks, bedsheets, dishes, cleaning.

Food: The meals that will be served will have a locally produced flair. Before the trip we will make a menu together. We have a lot of great commodities in our surroundings; moose, reindeer, trout, char, whitefish, cloudberry, lingonberry, homemade bread etc. Necessary equipment: solid winter clothing, skies

Snowtrekking on skis with dogs

By booking, you can join one of our huskies on a skiing trip. The Alaska Husky is best known in a long line alongside others of its peers in front of a sled. We use our dogs a lot for trekking with one or two e or two fastened in a specially made lace-belt. This requires some skiing skills, but gives a great feeling as you’re sweeping through nature after our eager dogs. Meeting in the dogyard, where we pick out the dogs who will be joining us. The largest part of the season we start from the dog farm, in the spring we have to move somewhat by car. Most of our dogs work excellent for this. We stop along the way and enjoy a warm drink.

Time: On order, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Price: 500, –

Season: mid January to approx. may 1st

3 day of ice fishing

We have many waters surrounding us, where big, fine fish are lurking. Join us on a trip to these waters. We offer a 3 day schedule of ice fishing, skis/snow shoes, good food and an overnight stay in lavvo. We can experience hard winter storms, nice winter days, cold, starry nights, we never know what we will get. But regardless the weather, we will be sleeping nice and safely inside of a warm lavvo. From the parking lot there is 3 km of a steady increase as we walk towards the camp. We will walk in existing snowmobile trails on skis, optionally snow shoes for those who prefer that. During the trip you will learn about wilderness life, ice fishing, and hopefully you will get a fish on the hook. The trip towards the camp will take a little physical strength and you need to bring winter clothes that can last for three days outside.

Time: on order, Friday till Sunday

Duration: 3 days

Season: 15.February-15.April

Price: 4500,-

Included: overnight stay, food, loan of fishing equipment, optionally loan of snow shoes and guide

Guided snowshoe trip

Join us on a trip in snowshoes. In some types of terrain and snow conditions it can be hard to get ahead with skies, and then snowshoes are a good alternative. Join a guided snow shoe trip and experience our beautiful winter landscape. The winter in Femundsmarka gives a fantastic light and we will in cooperation make sure that the trip will be a great experience. The trip begins with some instructions about how to use snowshoes and a little bit about the history behind them. We will take a little break on the way and there will be served hot drinks.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Price: 500,- Time: on order, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Season: 1.February-1.April

Femund Friluft

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